MLK Weekend In Sisters Oregon

January 23, 2009

MLK weekend we spent the weekend in Sister Oregon. This was a birthday present from my wife as we take each other somewhere for a weekend instead of exchanging stuff we really don’t want or need. The place Mary selected was the Five Pine Inn. This is a new lodge at the edge of town on the highway towards Bend.


This is a very nice place to stay! The rooms are large, with gas fireplaces, large bathroom with huge shower and soak tub, bed has pillow top mattress, nice 42 in flat screen TV and ect, ect.

The weather was nice on the way over and I had envisioned grand views of the Three Sisters Mountains but ti was not to be. Instead it was cold and foggy. Nigh-time temperature were in the teens and getting up to the high 20’s during the day.

The location was perfect as it was located like a log cabin strip mall but the on one side of the Inn was a great restaurant (probably the best on in town) and on the other side was the Dechutes Brewery. A couple doors down was a private athletic Club that we could use and and 100 yards the other way was the local theater. To the rear was a new conference center, where the included brunch was served and next to that a wonderful day spa.
Friday night we have reservations (a must at this place) at the restaurant next door and the food was very good. The service was great and of course every table full. The had a nice Northwest menu that would please anyone.
Saturday morning was cold and foggy so we decided to drive into Bend and go the the Old Mill Mall. Mary did a bit of shoping while I took my camera for a walk in the adjacent natural park. I about frost bit my hands as I couldn’t seem to operate my camera with gloves on. Here are a few shots before I froze.






After a bit of shopping and photography we met up at one of the restaurants near the bridge with the flags. It really has a nice menu while being reasonably priced. I had a side of calamari and a bowel of bouillabaisse that was delicious.

From the Old Mill Mall we drove downtown. It was just getting dark (and still only about 26 degrees) so I did a short walk past the Pine Tavern (the place with the pine tree growing through the middle of the dining area) to mirror pond park. This park is beautiful every season of the year. The reflections off the water of the home along the far side are famous.





On Sunday Mary had reserved side by side, hot rock massage at the Shibui Spa. Ahhhhhh….. Before the massage we soaked in thier natural rock hot tub and saunaed a bit. By the time we where thru I felt wonderful. I would highly recommend the spa to anyone looking for a great place to get some real relaxation.

After our massage and pampering session as the spa, we drove out to Brand 33 golf course to have lunch. Only 3 miles from town it sits on a little hill and when the fog is gone must have a wonderful view of the mountains. We had a wonderful late breakfast and it was hard to decide is we wanted that or the lunch menu. This is another great restaurant that I could recommendation to anyone staying in the area.

On the way back from brunch I stopped off at a farm just south of sister where a famer has some silhouettes of a wild horse round up. In the evening when the light is fading and you can only see the outlines of them you’ll do a double take. On a clear day there is an outstanding view of the Three Sisters Mountains on the horizon. That day, unfortunately, all there was to see was a bank of fog. I also got a few shots of the desert and pine trees.



Look at those Wild horses!


Wait a minute. Let me see that again…



Saturday night we drove west and had dinner at the Black Butte Ranch. The restaurant had moved out to one of the clubhouses while they were doing some refurbishing the old place. This is another place that has an outstanding view on a clear day. On our way back home I stopped of again to see if I could see the mountains but again, no such luck. Once we gained some elevation driving home back over the pass it cleared off and you could see the mountains.




It was a wonderful relaxing weekend. Hope yours was equally as good.



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January 22, 2009

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